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We Welcome each and every one of our Community to this innovative project. Jawal Mandal was formed in the year 1981 which was formed during the Pratistha of Sha RajendraSuriji Jain Temple in Chennai. The Mandal consist of various people, small as well as big, who are equally contributing to the pride of our Community, which symbolize Unity in Diversity, which we have learned during our school days. While we are also thankful to all the people who have shown their perfection towards our Mandal, who are currently not in the Mandal. Although we initially planted a small seed and today we had reached to becoming a tree with lots of color fruits of various kinds.

The main Mission of our thinking is that every person from our Community should be able to receive proper and adequate information with respect to all kinds of news and events being taking place in Jhora. Along with that we also make available of all the details of Names, Addresses, and Phone Number of every Individual family. With our new invention, now it would be possible for you to get all the details of a various other people who are having the same kind of Business.


The main motive of our Mandal is to help people regarding all kind of Jain work as well as work like Jain Pratistha, Dharmik work, and many more. With these, our Mandal has proclaimed a good name in the entire Jhora Community. With the help of God Grace, our Mandal has got so many talented people, who helped us in giving our Support to various Function of God which includes Pratistha of various temples like ChandraPrabhuji, Kesharvadiji, Vadapalaniji temple.

With the help of our Mandal, The entire Jhora Book has been prepared for publishing. This book covers each and every single and individual family of Jhora who are living in India as well as outside India along with their entire Name and Address.

Keeping in Mind of various aspects, we have also prepared computer software for Offline Purpose which will always help you to stay connected to all the information of our Community along with that, you can also take out contact of various people in your computer which might be useful during Function time.


Our Mandal is thankful to each and every individual of Jhora Community who has given their Name and Address in our Jhora Dairy from 2003 onwards. Along with that, we are also thankful to various other people who have made an attempt to highlight the importance of this dairy by promoting it to various other cities.

We are also thankful to our supporter as Publisher(Navkar Printers – Shri Nilesh Jain, Kailash Nagar), Website Developer (Addthisup - Shri Chintan Rajkumarji Jain, Barloot), as well as with mindset to support us Web Advisor(Shri Kunal Jitendra Kumarji Jain, Delandar), along with that Shri Sreyanch Vasanth Kumarji, Jawal who has given us good support.

We are thankful to various other people who have helped us in promoting our project along with talking it to new heights. Along with that, we also thank the entire Jawal Mandal People in helping us to reach to this level, particularly the people of Shri Akhil Bhartiye Jhora Jain Porwal Sangh for helping us in finding out Name and Address of each and every individual, working with us day-night includes Sha Champalalji Ratanchandji Jain, Sha hastimalji Devichandji Jain, Sha Vasant Kumarji Geynmalji Mardia, Sha Shripal Kumarji Bhawarlalji Jain, Sha Sameer Kumar Navalmalji Jain, and Sha Girish Kumar Hastimalji Jain, who has played a main role in creating all the Jhora Dairy, Jhora Software and Website.