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BARLOOT - Jhora Village

According to the famous inscriptions acquired from the basement of the temple, the village BARLOOT is considered to be built even before the 1283 Era. BARLOOT was predominantly a hub of people of Parmar gotra, People from the Chauhan Family of Jalore and Solankies are also resident here. people of Solankies as well as Parmar were driven away from the village by Chauhans during war.

The Temple of Lord Shri Parswanath was replaced with Lord Shri Shantinathji. A new Temple of Lord Shri Shantinathji was also built with a new shrine in the village with the help of devotees. BARLOOT has always been the first capital for the Chauhans who came from Jalore. While there is a story behind the name “BARLOOT” means that it has been regularly been robbed by people from time to time (BAR BAR LOOTNA).

The idol of Lord Shri Parswananth was found with the old temple in ruins. The temple was renovated and the reining deity was restored to its full glory by the local people with great joy . The inscription on the idol and the old temple reveal the village name as BARLOOT or BALDAOOT. The pratistha of temple Lord Shri Shantinathji was conducted in 1963 by Vasak Shukla and Acharya Rajendra Suriji’s student Dhanchand Surishwarji.