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DELANDAR - Jhora Village

DELANDAR was once considered to be a desert village. In the middle of the village is the temple of Lord Shantinathji. The Temple is considered to be at least one thousand years old as the inscription on the idol dates back to the 1200 era.

The temple of Lord Adeeshvar was built in 1976, the idol of Lord Shantinath was replaced with Lord Adeeshvar as the reining deity (Mulnaik), who has been seated in the Gokhale. On this idol there is an article dating back to era around 1200. While there is also a story behind making Lord Adeeshvar as Mulnaik. The idol of Lord Adeeshvar was found in the middle of the two villages DELANDAR and MANDAWARIA in a farm. There was a debate on where the idol was to be installed as both DELANDAR and MANDAWARIA stacked their claimed on the deity, finally it was decide that the idol would be placed on the Bulls back and whichever side the bull goes that village wiil have to install the idol of Lord Adeeshvar as its mulnaik (reining deity).

Finally the Bull kept on moving toward DELANDAR and has it has been installed in DELANDAR . A grand Prathista Mahotsav was held to celebrate the coming of Lord Adeesvar and people from all works of life and near by villages were invited for the grand occasion.