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GOHILI - Jhora Village

GOHILI is considered to be the GATEWAY for the Jhora Community. According to the information available GOHILI was obtained from the King of Bhavnagar by the Rajput Dynasty.

The temple of Lord Shri Godiji Paraswanath is from the 1245 Era. To confirm the existence of this temple, there are sculptures designed on the door and gates of the temple which is known to be from 1216 Era, while the temple also holds one more inscription from the 1245 Era.

GOHILI has over 52 Temple originally built of Marble. There are two ancient idols of Era 1509 and 1656. For Jains this temple has a special place in the Jain Tirth List. The Ancient idol of 1509 Era was installed and Pratistha conducted by Shri Jinbhadra Suriji, Similarly the idol of 1656 era was installed and Pratistha conducted by Sri Vijaysen Suriji.