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JAWAL - Jhora Village

“JAWAL” The diamond in the crown of Jhora Village is an Ancient village as revealed from the rick heritage of ancient temples and idols. From time immortal many Shadhus & Shadhvis have blessed this village by doing Chaturmas here. This particular village has the most number of Bagwati Diksha in Jhora history. The five ancient temples here are the five stars in its crown.

The Ancient history of this village can be availed with the help of its Temple. IN 1713, Shri Jawal Jain Sangh built the oldest temple of Shri BHAGWAN Sumatinath Ji. While entering the village, there is a temple of Ambav Ji built in the year 1989 and has Bhagwan Adinath as its main deity. The Pratistha of this temple was done by Shri Acharya Nemi Suri Ji in the present of large gathering of devotees. In the year 1949 Shri Chandraprabhu Ji temple was built with Bhagwan Chandraprabhu Ji as its reigning deity. In the year 1980, the temple of Shri Bhagwan Shantinath Ji was built, with Sha Moti Ji Kapurchand Ji and Sha Pannalal Ji Proga Ji as its chief patrons. There is also temple of Shri BHAGWAN Parswanath Ji built in the year 1953 with Jasar Ji Okarmal Ji as its chief patron. The Nutan temple was renovated by bringing smaller temples built between 1713 and 1949 together.

This city was once also a hub of SILVER TRADING in a very huge. It was the main center for close to 100 villages in Ancient days. Huge Bars of Silver were daily unloaded here.