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How Jhora name has been formed? To get the correct information, we have contact many individuals and we have got the following points on it.

  • Whichever village consist of excess Water is called “Jhora”
  • The word “Jhora” has a definite meaning stating “Jhora” means Parikrami(Hard working). One can find out the meaning of the “Jhora” from a fact that people of this community are always hard working.
  • While the word “Jhora” also means Binding together as well as Forest. This symbolizes that in our old village consisted of huge forest in ancient times.
  • Interestingly, there is also another meaning for “Jhora”, which represents Jhore Jhore(meaning nearby). How many village are been spread out in between of odd and Varada, that much nearby distance villages you won’t find It anywhere.

In the entire Jhora Community, there has been various schools, Medicals, Colleges, etc has been constructed with the help of Jain people and are still contributing in every aspect to make it look better as always. It is because of this particular thing that still even today all the Sadhu and Sadhvi keep coming to our Community and will always be looking forward to visit Jhora Community.

Slowly, people from the Jhora Community have started living in various cities and states of the country. In the modern India, People of Jhora have started staying in various cities like Chennai and the rest. While of the things which makes us feel proud is that even after being migrating to various cities, People of Jhora Community have still kept and are using Jhora wherever possible.