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KAILASH NAGAR - Jhora Village

KAILASH NAGAR is also one among the oldest villages of the Jhora Community, earlier it used to be called as la ( or) lai .this village was once the dominance of the Solankies. This is also the birth place of the famous guru/saint Shri Kalyan Vijayiji.

KAILASH NAGAR has two Jain Temples; one is the Lord Adinath temple located at the foot of the Mountain ,the other Temple is of Lord Shantinathji temple where the idol of Lord Mahaveer Swami was replaced with Lord Shantinathji idol. As time passed on, Lord Mahaveer Swami’s idol slowly Degraded down toward the earth, it was this reasons that the idol was replaced with that of Lord Shantinathji. It was under the guidance of learned Shri Kalyan Vijayiji the idols was replaced and Prathista performed.

These two temples have been witnessed to the war of the people with the Mughal Emperor, to safe guard their honor and mother land. The Son of Veer Bhumi started the Fight with an Aim to Safe Guard the two temples.