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KALANDRI - Jhora Village

Inspite of bring called as a “Dead Village”, KALANDRI, village is surrounded by plenty of Greenery area along with the best Forest. In the middle of the Village, is the Temple of Lord Mahaveer Swami built in the 10th Century. The village has three Jain Temples altogether.

“JAINISM IN RAJASTHAN” book by renowned Doctor Sha Kesi Jain Ji depicts the Kindness of the people of this village and work of Charity. Many a people of this village have given their life while saving the religion and the temples from the attackers in the year 1300.

The Lord Mahaveer Swami Temple is a pride in itself because of its inner walls and ceilings along with outer design and sculptors. This is also known as the administrative village as many important government offices are located here.

The Second Temple of Lord Shantinath is in the East of the village. The Temple was built in the year 1974 with the chief patrons being the family of Sha Sakhaji, Sha Bhuraji Gamnaji Porwal. Earlier this Temple was known as Lord Muni Suvrat Swami Temple and was popular for its ancient designs and creativity. The elder people suggest that the work to build this Temple was started by a Digambar Acharya in the year 1497.

The Lord Neminathji was built in 1955 with its chief patrons being the family of Sha Lalit SuriDharji. The village KALANDRI in itself holds so many ancient secrets of the India. Ajith Singhji, the son of the Great Ancient Jodhpur King Jaswant Singhji, was born and brought up in this particular village by the Family of Purohit. The First Medical hospital of the Jhora Community was opened in this village in the year 1982 with able contribution from Sha Milap Chandji & family, and support of the entire human community. I n the year 1938, Chaduwal People Sha Sanghvi Chelji built an school to help the children of the village to achieve knowledge and enlightenment, today it is known as the "Vidya Mandir".