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MANDAWARIA - Jhora Village

Community as well as of various other Communities. This village holds the 3 precious temples of Jain Community. One among them is Temple of Lord Shri Shantinathji which was built by Sha Jeth Dahaji in the year 1965, a very beautiful piece architect with the message of Charity and Pure nature. The First Temple Construction and Pratistha conducted in the year 1978 by Shri Dhan Chandra Suriji deciple of shri Rajendrasuri Shavarji marasahib. The Inner as well as the Outer look of the Temple is very beautiful. The mat which has been used on the Floor also has been shaped well along with the three main doors of the temple are also very huge. The care of entire temple is taken by all the people of the village from time to time. The temple of Lord Godi Parswanath which built by Sha Devrajji Chunilalji in the year 1991. The Third Temple is of Lord Adinath has been altered From time to time, as a result the Temple has lost its old beauty and glory.

The People of MANDAWARIA are very kind, humorous as well as polite in all aspects of life. The main feature of this village is that the Dharmshala which was constructed with the help of Sanghvi Dahaji Padmaji which provides shelter and food for the convenience of the visitors who a visit the village.