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PADIV - Jhora Village

PADIV is considered to be the first Village of SIROHI, earlier symbolized for the Brahmans. Later on, after the modernization of the village, it was considered to be following the rules of Davada Chauhan which was managed by Thakur Sirohi.

Jain as well as other people of the Caste has shown kind friendship and unity which has always been one of the important things to look on. The Jain People of PADIV has played an important role during the Pre-Independence for India. In the year 1948, Democracy was established in this village with the help of first President of India, Dr. Rajendar Prasad along with various other Ministers.

PADIV is always known for its Sangh for people as well as People for Sangh which has also helped people in Diksha and their programs, for which even people from outside the village takes part effectively.

Once you enter into the village, the first thing you will notice is Jagji God idol, Everyone have their belief on Jagji God, There are 3 Old Temples as well. Interestingly there have been constant changes in the temple building and as a result, these temples have started losing their Old Gems, glory.

The Lord Shri Chintamani Paraswanathji temple is located on the 3rd Mountain. While the Temple of Lord Shri Shitalnathji is round, the temple of Lord Shri Paraswanathji is filled with elegant and ancient designs. Though the temples here are very ancient no one has apt information about this village, and it is now considered to be impossible to find out.