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VARADA - Jhora Village

VARADA is also considered to be very old village. While the ancient history give us a clear picture of this village. This village consists of a good mix of various communities living in harmony including Jains, Brahmans, Thakur, Bhil, etc.

While most of the people of the village have shifted on to Cities with the growing modernization where their children’s are acquiring healthy education including that of Jain Education, for which everyone is proud of them. There are two Jain Temples in VARADA, there are even plenty of Vaishnav temples. The temple of Lord Shri Sambhavnath Ji was duly renovated, but with time the ancient designs have vanished.

The Temple of Lord Shri Sheetalnathji was built in the year and the pratisth was presided by by Acharya Shri Lavanya Suriji. And the chief patron were the family of Sha BhabhutmalJi tarchandji, The main feature of this village is that it is the starting point of Jhora Community from the Jalore side . This is the only village which differentiates Jhora Community Sirohi district with that of the Siyana district Community. The people here are large hearted and always offer a helping hand to the needy. They say when you give with your right hand the left hand should not know it.